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WH34 Bitter Gourd.jpg
WH246 F1 Hybrid Small Bitter Gourd.jpg
100mm x 140mm_F1 Hybrid Pearl Bitter Gou

WH 34 Bitter Gourd (Peria) 本地大条苦瓜

  • 此品种是马来西亚长條长泡苦瓜,果重约500-600g,果实表面瘤状突起平滑长泡形。

  • This variety is Malaysia long type bitter gourd, fruit weight about 500-600g, cylindrical and uniform plant.

WH 246 F1 Hybrid Small Bitter Gourd 一代交配小苦瓜

  • 短梗,圆形,圆绿色,果长约10-12cm,果实重约100-110g。播種后约35-40天开始收成。

  • Short stems, round, round green, fruit length about 10-12cm, fruit weight about 100-110g. About 35-40 days after sowing can begin harvest.

WH 830 F1 Hybrid Pearl Bitter Gourd 一代交配山苦瓜(青珍珠)


WH 833 F1 Hybrid Bitter Gourd 一代交配山苦瓜

100 x 140mm WH850 Hybrid Bitter Gourd-01

WH 850 F1 Hybrid Bitter Gourd 一代交配翠绿苦瓜

Peria Katak.jpg

WH Baby Bitter Gourd 小苦瓜

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