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CORN - 玉米

WH 21 Thailand Sweet Corn 泰国超甜玉米

  • 本品种全年可种植,耐热,抗倒伏,叶斑病,锈病抗性佳,叶深綠色, 莖粗壮,著粒完整饱满。播种后约65-70天可收成。

  • This variety can be planted throughout the year, heat tolerance, lodging resistance, leaf spot disease, vigorous plant, big kernels with bright yellow color. Sweet corn can be harvested around 65-70 days after planting.

WH 22 Extra Sweet Corn 彩珠特甜玉米

  • 此甜玉米是特选品种,果穗直筒型,排列整齐 ,油黄色,味道很好又甜。

  • Selected variety, big cylindrical-shaped ear, straight rows, creamy yellow kernel, excellent flavor and very sweet.

WH 23 Extra Sweet Corn 冬冠特甜玉米

  • 旺盛的果树,耐病性好。果长约18-20cm,美味的玉米。播种后约60-62天可开始收成。

  • Vigorous plant, very good disease tolerant. Fruit length about 18-20cm, delicious corn. Harvest about 60-62 days after sowing.

WH 27 F1 Hybrid Bi-Color Sweet Corn 一代交配金冬黄白玉米

  • 株高约180cm,直株粗壮、叶片浓绿,抗病性好。黄白双色穗粒,果重约450-500g。播种后约65-70天开始收成。

  • Plant height about 180cm, plant thick and strong, dark green leaves, good disease resistance. Yellow and white color corn, weight 450-500g. Harvest about 65-70 days after sowing.

WH 254 F1 Hybrid Super Sweet Corn 一代交配黄密超甜玉米


  • 生长旺盛,叶片长椭圆形,绿油色,耐热,抗病性较强。播种后约26-28天开始收成。

  • Vigorous growth, leaves oval shape, oily green color, heat tolerance, disease resistance. Harvest 26-28 days after sowing.