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WH206 F1 Hybrid Red Diamond Tomato.jpg

WH 56 F1 Hybrid Cherry Tomato 一代交配樱桃番茄

  • 苍劲的植物和高产。它集丰富的水果,果红色,圆形,味道甜,单果重约25-30g。播种后约70-80天可采收。

  • Vigorous plant and high yield. It sets the rich fruit, fruit red, round shape and good sweetness. Each fruit is about 25-30g. Harvest about 70-80 days after sowing.

WH 206 F1 Hybrid Red Tomato 一代交配红钻石番茄

  • 此品种非常抗病,苹果型,生果浅青色,单果重190-250g,果实坚硬,熟果艳红色,属于长货架品种,极耐运输。移栽后约65-70天可采收。

  • This variety is very resistant to disease, apple type, before mature is light green colour, each fruit weight is about 190-250g, solid fruit, when mature turning to red colour, long shelf variety, very resistant to transport. Harvest 65-70 days after transplant.

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