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WH078 一代交配结球包心白菜.jpg

WH 078 F1 Hybrid Chinese Cabbage 一代交配结球包心白菜

  • 極早生50-55天,抗病。高温期间(35-37℃),需要充足水分配合才能成功,耐湿性,抗软腐病,斑点病等等比一般常规品種较佳。叶長大时无毛,肉質嫩滑,耐貯藏,移植后约50-60天收获,每株约1.5-2公斤,如種植在最佳條件下,延期收採,每株可1.5-2公斤,适温为20℃-29℃ 。

  • Extremely early variety 50- 55 days. Heat tolerant 35-37℃. Better rain, soft rot and leaf spot disease tolerance in comparison to other generic varieties. Hairless leaf when mature. Dense planting possible. Tender and smooth flesh. Can be harvested approx. 50-65 days after planting. Plant weight 1.5-2kg. Optimum temperature 20- 29℃.

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