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WH 36 Benih Sawi Pahit 潮州包心大芥菜

  • 此品种是特选品种,生长旺盛,耐病性好,厚叶,叶球紧实整齐,适应性强,耐运输。播种后约45-55天可收成。

  • This variety is specially selected varieties, vigorous growth, disease resistance, thick leaves, tight and tidy, adaptability, good for transportation. Harvest 45-55 days after sowing.

WH 155 Sawi Pahit Panjang 扁合马丁芥菜

  • 叶子青绿,叶柄圆扁,生长快速,抗热,抗雨,口感好,食味佳。播种后约30-35天可收成。
    Leaves green color, round flat petiole, rapid growing, heat and rain tolerance, good taste. Harvest about 30-35 days after sowing.

WH 74 Chun Cai 凤尾春菜

  • 该品种植株高大(30-40 cm),大叶深绿色,叶厚,容易种植。播种后约35-40天可收成。
    This variety the plant is tall (30-40 cm), large green leaves, thick leaves, easy to grow. Harvest about 35-40 days after sowing.

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