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WH 45 Green Ceylon Spinach 青帝王菜

  • 旺盛植物,耐病性好,高均匀,全年可种。圆叶,叶子大,叶片浓厚,叶油绿色,美味。播种后约30-35天可开始采收。

  • Vigorous plant, good disease resistant, high uniform, all year can grow. Large round leaves, thick and oily green leaves, tasty. Harvest 30-35 days after sowing.

WH 73 交配菠菜 F1 Hybrid Spinach

  • 叶大厚及深绿,纤维少,抗细菌,产量高。

  • Large thick leaves deep green colour, less fibrous, disease tolerant, high yield.

WH Red Ceylon Spinach 红帝王菜

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