KALE - 芥蘭 

WH 18 Hong Kong Kai Lan 香港芥蘭

  • 中生品种,底叶强大,中縐,耐抽苔力强。主心粗大,油深绿色,纤维少和食味佳。

  • Medium maturing variety. Vigorous and large bottom leaf. Bolting resistant. thick, robust, shiny dark green colored main stem. Less fibrous and good tasting.

WH 19 Kai Lan 大種縐葉芥蘭

  • 生长强,抗病,全年可种,纤维少,煮炒味佳,播种后约40-45天可收成。

  • Strong growth, disease resistance, all year can grow, less fiber, boiled taste good, harvest about 40-45 days after sowing.

WH 017 F1 Hybrid Kai Lan 一代交配縐葉芥蘭(秋寳)

  • 此品种属中迟花品种,厚圆縐叶,粗苔,蜡分少,植株生长快速,極整齐一致,品质好,抗病强,主苔收割后,追加肥水,可连续收3-5次侧苔,播种后约45天采收。

  • This kale is a medium late flowering variety, thick round crepe leaves, thick moss, plant growth fast, growth uniformity and tidy, good quality, strong disease tolerance, main moss after harvest, continue additional fertilizer, can continue harvest 3-5 times. Harvest about 45 days after sowing.

WH Dinosaur Kale 恐龙甘蓝

WH Curly Kale 羽衣甘蓝

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