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WH43 Choy Sum.jpg
PN13-04257-R1 100 x 140mm WH46_Choy Sum-

WH 42 Hong Kong Choy Sum 香港菜心

  • 茎苔特粗条,油绿有光泽,叶片长圆形,油绿色,株形紧凑,粗壮,大花球,品质优,甜脆无渣,食家首选,耐风雨,抗病,从播种至初收30-35天,生长快,产量高。

  • Stems and leaves thick, oily green and shiny, leaves oval shape, oil green, plant shape compact, stout, large flower ball, excellent quality, sweet and no residue, resistance to wind and rain, disease resistance, from sowing to the early harvest 30-35 days, fast growth, high yield.

WH 43 Choy Sum 80天青骨菜心

  • 生长强健快速,株形直立适於密植,葉片及葉柄绿色。耐热性强,播种后28-30天可整株採收。品质柔嫩清脆,适於炒食。

  • Strong and fast growth, plant shape upright, suitable for close planting, leaf and petiole green. Heat tolerance, about 28-30 days after sowing can begin harvest. Crisp and tender quality, suitable for fried.

WH 46 Choy Sum (Thick Leaf, Resistant Rain) 秀绿菜心(厚叶,耐雨)

  • 旺盛的植物,耐病性好。植株大棵,绿叶光滑,叶厚,味道好。播种后约28-30天可收成。

  • Vigorous plant, good disease tolerant. The plant is big, smooth green leaves, thick leaves, good taste. Harvest 28-30 days after sowing.

WH276 Selected White Stem Late Flower Ch

WH 276 Selected White Stem Late Flower Choy Sum 特选白梗迟花菜心

  • 此品种叶浅青色,叶厚,叶片椭圆形,梗浅青,迟花。抗病,耐雨,高产量。播种后约30-35天开始收成。

  • This variety leaves green color, leaf thick, leaves oval shape, stem light green, late flowering. Disease resistant, rain tolerance, high yield. Harvest 30-35 days after sowing.

WH326 Sawi Bunga Hijau.jpg

WH 326 Sawi Bunga Hijau 寶島菜心花 


  • 生长旺盛,叶片长椭圆形,绿油色,耐热,抗病性较强。播种后约26-28天开始收成。

  • Vigorous growth, leaves oval shape, oily green color, heat tolerance, disease resistance. Harvest 26-28 days after sowing.

WH810 F1 Hybrid Choy Sum.jpg

WH 810 F1 Hybrid Choy Sum 一代交配菜心  

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