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OKRA - 羊角豆

Copy of WH82 Lady's Finger (five Angle).
Copy of WH555 F1 Hybrid Green Okra Okra.
PN13-04122 (R1) 100 x 140mm (Selected Fi

WH 82 Five Angle Lady Finger (Green) 本地五角青種羊角豆

  • 植株长势旺盛,抗病,高均匀,果色较深绿,五角形,高产量,容易种植。播种后约45-50天可开始收成。

  • Vigorous plant, disease tolerant, high uniform, fruit green colour, five angle, high yield, easy to plant. Harvest 45-50 days after sowing.

WH 555 F1 Hybrid Green Okra 一代交配五角青种羊角豆

  • 长势旺盛,容易栽种,分枝能力好。豆荚五角形,果皮青绿色,果形长,采收性大。播种后约45-55 天可开始采收。

  • Growing vigorously, easy to plant, good branching. Five angled okra, medium green colour, fruit shape long, high harvesting. Harvest 45-55 days after sowing.

WH 818 Selected Five Angle Okra (White) 特选五角白种羊角豆 

  • 此品种广受北马市场欢迎。豆荚五角形,果色浅绿色,果形长。植株长势旺盛,分枝性强。播种后约45-50天可开始采收。

  • This variety very popular in the Northern part of Malaysia. Five angled okra, light green colour, fruit shape long. Grow vigorously, high branching. Harvest 45-50 days after sowing.

100 x 140mm WH585_F1 Hybrid Green Okra-0

WH 585 F1 Hybrid Green Okra 一代交配羊角豆(绿寳)

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